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According to SEMI, there is prolonged challenging environment for PV equipment suppliers.Worldwide Solar Photovoltaic manufacturing equipment billings declined for the third quarter in a row, falling another 20 percent for the quarter and 60 percent from the same quarter last ...... [More]

The number of low-interest rate loans for solar pv power generation and other green energy projects provided by Japan Finance Corp. grew 5.6-fold from the previous year to 1,349 in fiscal 2011, the state-owned loan corporation said Wednesday.The surge can mostly be attributed ...... [More]

Advanced Solar Photonics, LLC (ASP), an American manufacturer of photovoltaic equipment and provider of turnkey altrnative energy systems, today announced it has launched a custom PV manufacturing division for large scale solar power projects.ASPs custom manufacturing division...... [More]

About 40 percent of the solar energy reaching Earths surface lies in the near-infrared region of the spectrum energy that conventional silicon-based solar cells are unable to harness. But a new kind of all-carbon solar cell developed by MIT researchers could tap into that unu...... [More]

Despite the performance of solar stocks over the past two years, the fundamental cost of installing solar PV power continues to fall rapidly. Long term, this is great for the industry and should drive sales and eventually (surviving) solar stocks higher in the future.The question...... [More]

German utility RWE AG (RWE.XE) is considering investing in Photovoltaic Solar energy power generation in its home market, signaling yet another shift it is renewable energies strategy.Germany will certainly not become a core market for us in terms of photovoltaic solar energy, sa...... [More]

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