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Foreign media reported that EU had launched a new anti-dumping investigation into the import of Chinese solar-glass product since the end of December last year.EU expressed that there is not direct relation between this investigation previous trade disputes about solar panel in ...... [More]

Unlik in previous years, the National Energy Administration did not set specific goals of developing hydro,nuclear,wind power, solar power during national energy working conference.Instead,it strove to improve energy consumption, energy supply, energy technology, the innovation o...... [More]

With the opening of stock markets between Shanghai Hong Kong, Hanergy Thin-film Generation receives more more inl investment,which benefits the company a lot raises the share price at the same time.As a result,the share of Hanergy Thin-film Generation becomes one of the most eye-...... [More]

The equity incentive program of Longji joint-stock company was adopted by shareholders on December 12th.This program will benefit as many as 734 people,basically covering all the core backbone members in the company. However,the company will also lay emphasis on improving perfor...... [More]

Hong Kong,Nov.28,2014(SolarStar):GCL New Energy held the md-2014 corporate performance conference in Hong Kong.It listed in Hong Kong on May 9,2014.Currently,the company has branched out into renewable energy,including the development,construction,operation management of PV ener...... [More]

As of early June, U.S. Department of Commerce (D.O.C.) will issue its preliminary anti-subsidy findings during its second Anti-dumping and Anti-subsidy investigation over imports of PV products from China (the Investigation). At this critical moment, we, Chinese Chamber of Commer...... [More]

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