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Having yesterday launched an India-wide1.2 GW solar tender, the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) subsequently announced a second 1.2 GW exercise, this one focused on the state ofMadhya Pradesh.The available generation capacity in the state auction is 300 MW 150 MW at the...... [More]

The Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR), part of Indias Ministry of Commerce Industry, recommended the duty on textured, tempered coated or uncoated solar glass imported from Malaysia after Borosil Glass, the only domestic producer of solar glass, filed an application...... [More]

India could add 56-58 GW of solar capacity in the next four years, domestic ratings agency CRISIL said in a report published on Friday. The expected capacity addition would be an almost 300% jump from the 20 GW added in the 2014-18 fiscal period.The ramp-up will be driven by capa...... [More]

In its report, the DGTR concluded that increased imports of solar PV cells in India have caused serious injury threaten to cause serious injury to domestic producers. The safeguard duty of 25% on PV modules cells will now come into force from July 30, 2018.The notification was ...... [More]

Strong domestic dem for solar modules in China, allied to a pre-Section 201 rush of orders in the U.S., is pushing up module prices to around 10% more than many Indian developers had expected a situation that could lead to a slowdown in surging Indian solar growth.According t...... [More]

Announced md-May, a 1.5 GW solar tender by the Indian utility Tamil Nadu Generation Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) has attracted technical bids of a staggering 3.7 GW, in what appears to be the corporations most successful tender to date.TANGEDCOs tarnished reputation for la...... [More]

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