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Shining on Global Photovoltaic Stage, Talesun to Showcase in SNEC Intersolar EuropeTags£ºTOPCon  Talesun  SNEC 

As global dem for renewable energy continues to surge, the photovoltaic industry is experiencing unprecedented growth development opportunities. Talesun  , one of the leading enterprises in the photovoltaic sector, is set to showcase its latest technological advancements products at two major international photovoltaic events: SNEC  PV Power Expo in Shanghai Intersolar Europe in Germany. These events provide an ideal platform for Talesun to present its cutting-edge innovations connect with customers worldwide.

I. SNEC PV Power Expo: Brilliant stage of domestic photovoltaic industry

The SNEC PV Power Expo in Shanghai, considered a barometer of the global photovoltaic industry, annually attracts numerous domestic international photovoltaic enterprises, experts, industry elites. This year, the event will take place from June 13 to 15 at the National Exhibition Convention Center (Shanghai) in Hongqiao. Talesun will participate, showcasing a full range of TOPCon  photovoltaic modules, highlighting its innovative strength advancements in the photovoltaic field to a global audience.

II. Intersolar Europe: Top event in the international photovoltaic field

In June, Talesun will also be present at Intersolar Europe in Munich, Germany. Renowned as one of the largest most influential solar exhibitions in Europe, Intersolar Europe annually attracts photovoltaic companies, experts, industry elites from around the globe. This year, the event will commence on June 19 at the New International Exhibition Center in Munich, Germany. Talesun looks forward to showcasing its latest innovations connecting with the global photovoltaic community at this prestigious event.

At Intersolar Europe, Talesun will showcase its flagship N-type TOPCon modules. These products have garnered significant recognition in the international market for their superior performance cutting-edge technology. Through this exhibition, Talesun aims to further exp its presence in the European market engage in in-depth exchanges with international photovoltaic experts to collaboratively promote the advancement of the global photovoltaic industry.

III. Technological innovation: Building a superior brand

Talesun has consistently prioritized technological innovation as its core driving force, continually advancing the research, development, application of photovoltaic technology. The company boasts high-level R&D platforms, including a post-doctoral workstation an engineering technology R&D center, nurturing a workforce of top scientific research talents in the industry. To date, Talesun has planned a global production capacity of 16GW in photovoltaic cells 18GW in photovoltaic modules.

The company has established a robust global marketing network with 45 branches, providing products services in over 80 countries regions. Leveraging its br influence technical expertise in the photovoltaic field, Talesun has successfully exped into international markets, earning the trust praise of many global customers.

Moreover, Talesun is committed to sustainable development, actively shouldering social responsibilities. The company has launched an innovative 10,000-farmer ecological photovoltaic project, which integrates smart photovoltaic applications with technology-based agriculture. This initiative aims to achieve efficient collaborative development of agriculture the photovoltaic industry, significantly enhancing l utilization overall benefits.

IV. Restructuring: Starting a new chapter of development

In recent years, amid shifts in the market environment adjustments in its business strategy, Zhongli Group, Talesun""s parent company, has faced unprecedented challenges. However, the company chose not to give up but instead embraced restructuring, marking the beginning of a new chapter in its development.

Restructuring represents a pivotal turning point in the company""s development. Upon completion, it will enable successful resource integration, capital introduction, technological innovation, market expansion, allowing the company to fully shed its historical burdens. We have every reason to believe that soon, the company will re-emerge on the global photovoltaic stage with a fresh new look, ushering in a new chapter of development.

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