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In June 2023, DAS Solar  achieved a new record by reaching 2GW monthly shipment. According to BJX SOLAR STAR, the shipment of N-type products ranked second globally. DAS Solar has consistently won bids for procurement projects over the past few months. DAS Solar""s impact on the competitiveness of the industry is powerful, especially in the number scale of bids.

During the first half of 2023, the scale of bidding for high-power modules, N-type modules  , large-size modules in the photovoltaic module procurement continuously exped. As a top-tier br in the N-type technology, DAS Solar successfully caters to the dems of the bidding market with its product matrix. According to BJX SOLAR STAR statistics, DAS Solar secured over 2GW in N-type module procurement projects from Three Gorges Group, Chian Huaneng Group, State Power Investment Corporation, Energy China in the first half of 2023. The achievements in N-type module shipments  have firmly positioned DAS Solar as the global runner-up.

Further on, based on BJX SOLAR STAR""s statistics of the semi-annual reports public information of major enterprises, DAS Solar not only made its debut in the Top 10 photovoltaic module shipments in 2022 but also maintained its position in the Top 10 module shipments during the first half of 2023. This achievement has solidified DAS Solar""s position as a leading br in the N-type market is a testament to the customers"" affirmation of DAS Solar""s product quality.

In 2023, DAS Solar has set a new goal – the cell conversion efficiency of TOPCon 4.0 will exceed 26%, its TOPCon cell module capacity will reach 30 GW by the end of the year. The technical roadmap for the future is into to TOPCon4.0, TBC, SCPC, TSiX, finally SFOS in collaboration with the University of New South Wales (UNSW) to exceed 35% cell efficiency. This roadmap is not only aimed at further improving the cell efficiency of N-type, but also explores the future with advance layout of cell technology for the ‘post-silicon era’ that’s ‘advanced, clear, complete executable’. At present, DAS Solar is into mass production of TOPCon 3.0 plus that use i-SE, ut-PolySi mt-Pass with the highest efficiency hitting 25.9%, laboratory efficiency exceeding 26.24% open circuit voltage of 730mV. Moving towards TOPCon 4.0, the manufacturer will aim to achieve 26% to 27% efficiency.

DAS Solar is dedicated to continuous exploration rigorous research in N-type technology, consistently surpassing industry stards in cell module efficiency. This commitment ensures that DAS Solar offers global customers a reliable assurance of long-term optimal value. Also, DAS Solar maintained a global perspective, which has enabled the company to exp its products services to over worldwide market. DAS Solar""s commitment to strict quality control utilization of advanced digital, information-driven operations result in enhanced operational service efficiency, greatly improving after-sales support shipment capabilities.


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