Last year saw 180 GW of renewable energy generation capacity installed worldwide, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).Although the figure is impressive, matched the amount added in 2017, the IEA has pointed out it was the first time the volume of new rene...... [More]

Huawei, Sungrow SMA were, in that order, the three largest inverter providers in terms of shipments last year, according to a report from analyst Wood Mackenzie Power Renewables.The dominant trio have held the same positions since 2016, with Huawei securing top rank fo...... [More]

Researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Chinese module manufacturer Solargiga claim they have improved the thermal stability of perovskite solar cells their efficiency from 17% to 20% by applying caffeine on the perovskite layer.The researcher...... [More]

More details have been drip fed out of Beijing concerning the future solar policy of China. Roth Capital Partners says the ability of the nations National Energy Administration (NEA) to prioritize publish the list of solar projects qualifying for state subsidies in time...... [More]

Since President Trump took office the U.S. solar industry has endured 30% global tariffs on solar cells modules under Section 201, global tariffs on steel aluminum under Section 232, tariffs on Chinese inverters under Section 301 tariffs on Chinese solar cells, also und...... [More]

South Korean solar module maker Hanwha Q Cells has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Norwegian solar manufacturer REC Group, claiming its rival has used its patented solar cell passivation technology to increase the performance of its own products. The complai...... [More]

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