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In the 13th episode of Season 1 of the political drama West Wing, fictional Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman describes Friday as “take out the trash day,” explaining it’s the day when the White House releases as many stories it does not like as it can, hoping they will be buried under the flood. It’s always a Friday since no one reads the paper on Saturday.

So when rumors began swirling yesterday that President Donald J. Trump  was planning to announce the tariff decision near the end of the day the trade media were obsessively refreshing the president’s Twitter feed assuming he’d make the announcement there, as he does all major policy decisions, the chatter among industry insiders was that it would be good news.

The reasoning was that if it were an opportunity to make headlines about being tough on trade cheaters, it would be a East Room press conference with the entire assembled press corps, so if the decision was announced as an afterthought, the tariffs couldn’t be as tough as many feared ( some hoped).

In the end, the decision did not come, though a source familiar with the process told pv magazine the decision is complete ready for announcement – but the planned reveal on Friday was overwhelmed by the government shutdown tidal wave of news.

“I have heard the proclamation is drafted,” the source said, requesting anonymity to be able to discuss the news freely. “From what we are hearing, the best guess is that the administration will announce it on Monday.”

Now that the government has in fact shut down, of course, all sure bets were off.

According to the source, details on the decision are sparse, but it appears each side will get something, both sides will find things with which to disagree.

In broad outline, the decision will impose tariffs on cells modules that will only kick in after quotas are met, though no details on the quotas were available at press time.

“We’re hearing the tariff percentages won’t be as large of a hit based on what the rumored percentages have been,” the source told pv magazine. “There will also be exemptions to the tariffs, though the details are still unknown.”

As more information becomes available, pv magazine will update this story.

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